Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice is slippery...

A very quick post.

I want to share a link with everyone. I stumbled on this chiari support forum while I was googling topics for the blog. Click it and check it out! I also have a link on the right side that will take you to my page on the forum. 
Chiari Support

Hope everyone is staying safe with the crazy weather out there! Watch out for that ice! I nearly got knocked out the other day in my boyfriends driveway. I could've either went backwards and cracked my head and back on the hood of my car or face-planted the concrete in front. Somehow I slid myself to the side of the garage and kept myself up. That was hard to do, considering my balance isn't too great off the ice.

Bye for now!

Snow/Ice Covered trees at work. 1/26/11
Front of work covered in snow and ice. 1/26/11