Monday, June 20, 2011

A Dose of Reality

Chiari moment of the week:
Last weekend we had a divorce party/pub crawl for my sister. So we were in the car on our way to Fells Point. We had to stop for gas. After I was done pumping/paying etc..I went to pull away and I stuck my hand through the steering wheel to reset the trip counter...the other hand was turning the wheel. Bad idea. I got the one arm stuck in the wheel and had to stop in the middle of Rutter's parking lot. I'm screaming "I'M STUCK I'M STUCK!!" I couldn't get my arm out. It didn't click that I needed to turn the wheel back the other way to get my arm out. Haha apparently my left and right sides were not communicating. Otherwise I wouldn't have turned the wheel while the other was still in it...

Chiari & alcohol...they don't mix well. It's like an instant hangover. It sometimes sucks being 23 years old and can't drink a few drinks without getting headpain right away. If I do drink, I drink slow. I get told to drink up, chug it...etc Yeah..uh NOT happening. I finally know that I'm not the only chiarian who experiences this. I'd like to try and research this more. So there may be more on this subject.