Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ooo purple-y

It is officially the first day of Spring tomorrow!!

These sprung up the other day in the front yard. Because they are purple...the Chiari awareness color...I shall dub these Chiari flowers. For now; until I find other purple

I've been trying to think on topics for the blog. I've realized that the more time I spend on thinking about topics..I'm not actually doing any blogging. I've got ideas on things I'd like to write about written on scrap paper everywhere throughout my room, in my purse, on my desk etc.

The one thing with Chiarians is our great memories. I could have a great idea...if I don't write it down..its more than likely I will forget it almost instantly. That usually happens when I'm doing something else. So I write everything down. 9/10 times I have the same great ideas lol. On my day off work, I may go through all the scrap notes and I realize I have about 5 of the same notes/ideas written down. So then I organize my chaotic scraps....into one big list for that week (or whatever the time frame of my cleaning is) and start all over again. I have a few notebooks with ideas written in them. I went as far as organizing separate notebooks for different topics...I have one for crafting/creativeness, a Chiari related notebook, and a general because most of my ideas fit into the first two. I like to call it Chaotic Organization. What do you think?

Maybe not chiari related but oh well...I have decided to quit smoking. I started last monday. I've had about 2 a day since. Thats not bad at all. My mood has been different. I've felt hyper and in higher spirits. I'm hoping this all helps me. The nicer weather...maybe I can get myself outside more. I'd love to spend as much time in sun as I can. I want to start taking Coco for walks. I want to get myself back into shape.
Exercise can be hard on someone with Chiari. You have to weigh your options with what you can and cannot do. First you need to know your own limitations. Do not over strain yourself. One of the #1 causes for Chiari pain is straining yourself (couging, sneezing, stretching, etc) even if mild. Walking is one of the best ways. If you know you can do more, than do it! Just don't over do it.

I want to spring clean my room. Maybe re-paint the walls. I wanted to paint last year but didn't have the money. I really don't this year it'll depend. Here is another don't over do it...another thing that really have to take your time doing things. Sometimes I get into OCD cleaning mode (a lot when it comes to my stuff) and I can't help myself...I start going at it like crazy. I have to make myself stop and take a break because I can and will over exert myself. If I do I will pay for it badly.

A repeat of another post....for anyone looking for a support site...Chiari Support go is a great place to meet other Chiarians...get support, get answers and help. Its a big Chiari Family! is something I got from the support site. If an ice pack or heat wrap helps with your pain..try this if you do not have one.

Rice Bag
You will need:
  • cloth, soft, like flannel, cut 5" wide by 12" long
  • 1 Large bag of rice (buy from the dollar store) its cheeper
  • thread to match material
Sew 3 sides, turn the bag inside out, then fill with rice, but leave about some room to sew the top by your sewing machine (or by hand), then turn the edges inside the bag for a nice hem, sew together, and that is how you make it.  It freezes as well as put into the microwave for heat.

Other ways of making a Rice Bag:
Another option
And more

I'm going to make one and I'll post pictures :)