Sunday, January 29, 2012

Java Monster

So Chiari-Life has a facebook page. Help spread awareness by sharing the link and sharing your story on the page! You can "Like" the Chiari-Life facebook page by clicking "Like" on the right side column or by going to
I will try to keep that page updated with Daily Chiari Facts, Stories, Resources, etc.
As I said above, feel free to share your story on the wall, your advice, your questions, thoughts, or anything you'd like (Chiari related obviously)

Now to Reference my Dixie Doodle post...the newsletter came in and here it is:
ASAP Winter 2011/2012 Issue Check out page 6. (Read the rest of the issue too, some good stuff!)

I have been finding a lot of chiarians on Twitter lately. If you're on twitter, follow me @BearlyBurnt and mention my blog so I know how you found me. Lets get #Chiari trending!
Post this on Twitter:
"Trend #Chiari Malformation Awareness! #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari #Chiari RT"

I'm out of things to post so good day to you:)
Rockin' the Purple in my car!
(Couldn't think of a title so I went with the drink I'm currently drinking. Loca Moca Java Monster.)


  1. you are an amazing advocate. I follow you on Twitter too. :)

    Scott (from Ben's Friends)

  2. I wouldn't let just anyone call me Dixie Doodle ya know. You are an amazing friend who makes me laugh more than I admit and have become a great advocate and inspiration for Chiarians