Saturday, September 15, 2012

Extra! Extra!

Great news!
Sometime last week I was on Twitter and on the spur of the moment, I thought what the hell, I'll tweet The Evening Sun, my local newspaper. Here's how it went down...
I tweeted TES and said "September is Chiari Malformation Awareness Month! Interested in doing a story?" They replied that they forwarded the message to their reporter, Tim Stonesifer, and that we should connect on a possible story. I said thanks I will contact him. He actually conacted me first, through Twitter. He replied to the tweet "Can we talk sometime this week? What's your interest in this condition?" and gave me his contact information. I then sent him an email with some information. We set up a time to have an interview and on Tuesday, Sept 11th. He and a photographer showed up at my house for the interview. The interview went on for about 45 mins to an hour. I was so worried that I would forget to mention everything that needed to get said. This was my chance to get the word out in this area.

When Tuesday came...I prepared myself by having my laptop out with some websites up on Chiari, along with some folders full of info. (I have several purple folders with Chiari info I've collected over the years, as well as my own info and MRI results) I did my best and told all that I could. I forgot so much and yet said so much. I realize if I were to say everything that could be said, it could probably fill the entire newspaper. He said he'd let me know when the article would be out and thanked me for contacting them.
The article appeared online Sept 13th. I was so excited. I was at work when I found out. The next day I hit up my local Rutters, and low and face was on the front page!!
Coco and I - Front Page - The Evening Sun
After all of the rambling is the article! Please read and then share! :)
Living with the Pain

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog looking at information on mixing up words with Chiari and it is so fun to not only read your story but to get a taste of home... I'm from York & worked in Hanover! I love that Rutter's was mentioned in your post ;] I now live in NM so its just fun to catch glimpses of Central PA.