Saturday, October 8, 2011


Have you ever heard of a headache or migraine journal/notebook? Basically its to keep track of when you get them, what you did before and after, what you ate etc. It is to help figure out if there is a common trigger or something in your daily habits that may cause them.

It's been suggested that I keep one. Chiarians especially, I think should keep one. Not only on just the head pain, I think the other symptoms (along with those really odd ones) should be noted.

Here is a Chiari Journal Entry from
September 28th, 2011
"I'm at work. I started getting dizzy, lightheaded, seeing spots when I move my head, and cold sweats. I feel like I could faint. I started feeling like this around 4pm. (I wasn't feeling too great when I got up either but nothing similar to the above) It was about 78 degrees outside and humid. Inside work was hot too. I turned the a/c and fan on. I also grabbed a cold rag and wrapped it around my neck. It's 6:45pm now. I still feel all of the above, only less cold sweats.
The only thing I've eaten today so far was crackers - I don't know that they helped any. I feel like either my blood sugar is super low (I am not diabetic) or my blood pressure is very low (what would make it drop like that, esp when I have good bp). I've had caffeine and sugar.
September 29, 2011
This lasted until around 1-1:30 am about 9.5 hours. Today I had the dizziness and headpain with a fever off and on.
Basically that is the sort of thing to record. What things you're feeling, what you were doing, what you ate etc. I don't know if what went on was Chiari related. It's hard to tell. I'm practically dizzy or lightheaded daily.
But you get the gist. I haven't done this long enough to see if it helps any. It may help with regular headaches.
So as it is the month for Halloween... I think the blog is in need of decoration.

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