Thursday, May 24, 2012

If My Life Were a Movie...

Chiari Carnival #4: Summer 'Blog'buster
Topic: If My Life Were a Movie

For a month I've been thinking about who would play me in my movie. My first thought was Julia Roberts. I mean she's an amazing actress and the red hair. LOVE it. Then I was thinking about how my movie would play out. If I had Julia...she would play my older self. I don't know that part of my life yet. So I started focusing on who would play my younger self. I tried to think of someone who would fit me, could look like me, whose personality could fit mine. The best I came up with was Emma Watson or Alexis Bledel. They both have book nerd characters. But something about them still didn't fit. So I went to the internet and tried to find my celebrity look-a-like. Yeah I really did that. What were my results?
64% match with Charles Manson. Nice. So I picked a better picture and tried it again. I did get Alexis Bledel as a result along with Kristen Bell. I still don't feel it. Then I thought, well hell this is my movie, about me...who could play myself better than myself...? I was in a commercial as a zombie before. (It's the truth) I was also in a carpet commercial when I was little. I have experience. (HA.)

Under Pressure (2012)
Your average teenage girl trying to get though high school. Alicia discovers at the age of 15 she is not like everyone else. Diagnosed with a rare disorder, she does her best to fight it.

Main Cast:
Alicia Roden : Alicia Roden
Meryl Streep : Karen Sr.(Mom)
Pierce Brosnan : Jim (Dad)
Sandra Bullock : Karen (eldest sister)
Eliza Jayne : Elizabeth (next sister)
Vanessa Lengies : Diana (youngest sister)
Xavier Samuel : Joe (boyfriend)
Phil Collins : Dr. Schlegel (NS)

On August 26, 1987 a beautiful baby girl was born. Alicia was brought up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She attended Catholic school, made a lot of friends, and made her way to growing up. She experienced odd pains and quirks throughout her life. Her family believed it to be just migraines. By the time high school arrived, the head pain was at its peak. After several trips to the doctors, several failed medications, there was an answer. Or was there? Diagnosed with an incurable disorder, Alicia was left with a decision to make.

Coming Soon!

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