Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm a Disney fan. Ok so I'm not just a fan. I love Disney. I'm obsessed...
I follow every Disney thing on twitter...I like all of the Disney facebook pages. My room is decorated in Disney...My dream job would be to work for Disney... you get the picture. (Wow did I say Disney enough?)

Anyways...I get the Disney Insider newsletter in my email. If you don't know there is a new movie coming out called Brave. It is featured and they have an option to "Share your Brave Story". What better way to spread awareness than telling your story to Disney.

I shared my Brave story.
Here it is: Alicia - Brain Surgery 
Please click the link and read. After you've read "LIKE" and help this story get Featured!


On another note...The Unite @ Nite walk is coming up. I will be walking June 16th with some family and friends for the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation! There is still time to register to walk, donate, and sponsor Team Chiari-Life Click HERE to do so:)

Also, my sister, Karen has made several awareness items which are being sold in her etsy shop. Stop over and check them out! Profits go towards the walk! Designs By Dayzi

Until next time...<3

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