Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disney Bound

Having Chiari comes with a lot of complications. One of them being restrictions. Such as weight lifting restrictions, no contact sports, no roller coasters, etc. Lets talk about the No roller coasters. I hated them growing up, I was terribly scared of them. 8th grade, 1 of my best friends talked me into going on one during a Youth Group trip to Dorney Park. Since then...I've been IN LOVE. Then Chiari made it's appearance and 2003...Dr. Schleagel said no coasters.
Now I plan ahead if I go somewhere. Hershey Park, Disneyworld etc. (You don't, I do...it helps)
Most theme parks have their restrictions/health requirements listed online. (I.e. Mouse Counselors WDW Ride Restrictions) Look them up ahead of time. My NS told me no more roller coasters after I had decompression surgery. Basically anything with whips and turns, ups and downs, flips and flops etc are a NO. I can fully understand why. Roller coasters are extremely fast. And going around twists and turns and ups and downs at high speeds are rough. I get dizzy just driving too fast down my street, which has 3 steep-ish hills. The way I explain it...you know the feeling you get when you "lose your stomach" from going too fast over a hill? I get that feeling in my head. Like my brain jumps. I "lose my brain" it makes me naseous, dizzy, and lightheaded. Shit...I get dizzy/lightheaded on the Carousel....riding a stationary horse. My advice...you know yourself. You know what you can handle. If your NS said no coasters. Listen. Also...look up your ride info. If it says "For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back, or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride."
Then you should definitely take it easy. Watch what the ride does first. Does it have the safety warning because it's fast? Are there a lot of sharp turns? Do I want to chance it? Do the back of the seats go up to my head/or is it low (less head/neck whipping if your head/back are against something)? Is there a lap bar? Does the ride have an over-the-head/shoulder restraint? What type of restraint does it use?
I started a discussion on Chiari-Life Facebook about theme parks. I was curious to see how many others had been told no to coasters and other rides. Also curious about if they listened, what their explainations were, and how they decide whether or not they ride. (Join in the discussion!)
Joe is taking me to Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am so excited. I've been counting down. 17 days to go! I have outfits put together so I can go as "characters". Have you ever seen the Disneybound outfits floating around the web? (If not check them out!)
I decided to put together my own Disney character inspired outfits.

So you get the idea. I have an Ariel & a Jasmine outfit I'm working on also.
As for Harry Potter...we're going to be there 1 day. Do I go as Gryffindor or Slytherin? Or both? AHH. Or a specific character? (/nerd) 


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